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Users' Reviews
This is absolutely the best screen recorder program I've ever tried. It has a lot of functionalities. Great for video, sound or still screen capturing.

- Christopher

I find this program very easy to use. The files it saves are of great quality (perfectly achieve original audio and video quality). when saving an avi file, it comes out in reasonable size, and it doesn't make massive files like some other programs do. I use it all the time, it's great!

- Justin

 i Screen Recorder > Software Development Kit & Customize Software
Software Development Kit
We started off as core software developers, and we provide software engineer with Software Development Kit to allow them to create applications.

With i Screen Recorder SDK, customers can:
a. Record image and audio from computer screen.
b. Capture video or image from other devices like USB webcams, TV tuner and DV in real time.

Customers can purchase any i Screen Recorder's existing components used by current version at a cooperation discount price.
Customize Software
We can customize software according to your need and to match your product functionalities so that end-user will benefit from saving extra time on looking for capable software to match his needs.
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